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Find your lost Android smartphone using Google Search

Wednesday, 20 January 2016
Google has now launched a new way to find your lost phone. If you had lost yourAndroid phone, simply go to Google on the web and type ‘Find my Phone’ into the search box to locate your lost devices.
Not only will Google locate your phone, but it will also display an option to ring it. Users can stop the ringing by pressing the handset’s power button.

Google announced this news on a Google+ post and pointed out to make sure that you are using the latest version of the Google app and that you are logged into your Google account. To find your lost phone, you will need the Android Device Manager installed, which launched in 2013, to help find lost devices. But the ‘Find my Phone’ method is much simpler and faster.
Last month, Android Device Manager was received by Android Wear. To start using the new feature, Android Wear users have to simply say  OK , Google. Start. Find my phone’. They can also select the ‘Find my phone’ option from the Start menu. The Phone will then ring at full volume, helping you find your device.