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How to Play Pac-Man inside Google Maps from Desktop and Mobile Device

Wednesday, 27 January 2016
Playing games is the most exciting thing that drives yourself entirely into a different world. If you’re a pretty good gamer and highly interested in playing online games, you must have heard about Pac-Mac. Pac-Man is an arcade game just like a comical tug-of-war between a miniature, which is a yellow character and four ghost-like enemies trying to chase and attack the Pac-Man. This is the most ingenious aspects of Pac-Man and it is the most tricky game as the movements of monster are quite complex.
Short of clothing in a yellow cushion and chasing strangers while making chomping sounds, playing real-life Pac-Man is really a gamer’s fantasy. Google wants to help make that dream a reality. Google has come up with one glorious thing which would really make a gamer scream out of joy. Folks! You can now play the classic arcade game Pac-Man inside Google Maps. You can play this game in Google Maps both from the desktop and mobile device.

How to Play Pac-Man in Google Maps? [Desktop]

You can now play the popular classic arcade game Pac-Man inside Google Maps both from your desktop and mobile device. Google has now facilitated all its web and mobile users to play their favorite game at times when feeling jaded. If you’re not aware of how to play this game inside Google maps, here are the detailed steps. Just follow these simple steps to play your beloved game with much excitement listening to the chomping sounds. Have fun!
  • Firstly, you need to visit Google Maps on the Web.
  • Users are provided the option to switch to satellite images. Google has added a button to launch Pac-Man.
Just hit on the little Pac-Man icon located on the bottom-left of the screen. Google will analyze your map and use the roads to provide a level. If the location isn’t suitable for gameplay, Google will allow you pick a new area. You can either click “I’m feeling lucky” to be transported to a pre-selected location.

  • You can now start playing the game. You can control the Pac-man using the keyboard.
  •   Controlling Pac-Man is pretty simple. Simply tap on the up, down, left and right arrows to    move the iconic chomping yellow circle through the streets to collect dots and cherries.
  •   Relive your Pac-Man impediment as ghosts chase you around your local streets. Bring out   the joyful feeling of reaching a blinking Power Pellet and turning the tables on those    sneaking ghosts.
  •   Just remember to “Avoid Blinky, Pinky, Inky, (and Clyde!)

How to Play Pac-Man in Google Maps? [Mobile]

Here is the procedure to play Pac-man game inside Google Maps from the mobile device. It is pretty much trickier to play this game on mobile because you’ll need to solve one of many riddles from a Google support page to locate hidden Pac-Man pins at specific locations. Only then will you see a Pac-Man button on the screen.

  • Firstly, open the Google Maps app on our mobile device.

  • Find a suitable location to play the game. 
  • Just touch the Pac-Man button to get started.

  •   Now, Swipe your finger to change direction, and try not to die five times.
  •   Riddles
  •   Below is the complete list of hints Google has given its mobile users. Upon solving the    riddles, it reveals a location where a game of Pac-Man can be launched on iOS and    Android.
  •   Don’t drop the ball on the eve of your victory!
  •   Triumph is délicieux.
  •   Does a Galaxian bonus await at the top of those 272 steps?
  •   Chomp your way to independence down seven lanes of July.
  •   PAC-MAN and Ms. PAC-MAN can’t agree on which side is prettier: the American or the    Canadian. Which side do you fall on, eh?
  •   After a chat with the Sphinx, PAC-MAN sounds more like “Dokki Dokki”.
  •   Pause game play to admire Chagall’s stained glass windows and have a bit of chocolate.
  •   Can you score 10^(10^100) points?
  •   Whether they’re flashing blue or sporting their natural colors, Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde   are always kakkoii. Even Vogue agrees they’re living in the trendiest of neighborhoods.
  •   Even Vogue agrees they’re living in the trendiest of neighborhoods.
  •   Previous PAC-MAN lives don’t get to rest in a white marble mausoleum.
  •   Head to the valley of the sun and earn your grade in the art of the game.
  •   How well can you navigate the radiating streets of the distrito federal?
  •   Victory is like gothic glockenspiel Musik to our ears.
  •   Pay special attention to Blinky – he might blend in with the dreaming red kangaroos!
  •   You’ll find the Beach PAC-MAN World Cup here before long.