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How to Setup Guest Account on your Android Phone

Thursday, 7 January 2016
Have you got anything personal which you want to share with others who might access your Android Phone?
Then setup Guest Account!
Yes, you can setup guest account on your Android phone and then it will help you impose certain kind of restrictions on your phone then a guest, whoever takes your phone, will not be able to see the restrictions which you have imposed.
I think it was. So if you are confused about procedure then don’t worry as I am going to write a tutorial today which will be helping you to setup Guest Account on your Android phone.

Setup Guest Account on Android Phone

So here are the steps to follow in order to setup Guest Account on your Android phone. Now without taking your more time let me take you to the steps to be followed

  • First of all, Swipe down the screen to access the quick setting panel.
  • Now tap on User account from top right corner and select Guest to switch to guest mode.
  • After that, if there is someone who uses your phone regularly then you can give him a separate account on your phone created on his/her name by tapping on Add User.
  • Then the new users will be having the screen as if you have newly bought the Android not a single data of yours will be synced to guest account. However, you can edit the settings for guest at any time.
  • Enjoy Privacy!
  • This was our tutorial which has made you learn to setup guest Account on your Android phone. If you have any queries or confusion left related to this article then lend them in comment box. I shall get back to you as soon as possible.
  • Was it helpful? If it was then don’t forget to share this article with your other friends and circle too. You may never know that your share may be proven helpful for many of the users out there. So keep sharing and keep helping people around you.