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5 killer Google apps you haven’t tried yet

Friday, 5 February 2016

1. Google Gesture Search  small gestures go a long way

How many minutes have you wasted searching for contacts, folders, applications or settings menus on your smartphone? Google Gesture Search is designed to make this easier. After an initial configuration, in which you can select items to include in the search, you can search for an app, contact or setting by drawing its name on the screen.

Its design is rather retro, similar to the old KitKat system settings, but it will help you find whatever you are looking for within seconds. The only downside is that you have to open the app every time – it would be nice if you could use Gesture Search from any screen.

2. YouTube Creator Studio: for dedicated YouTubers

YouTube is one of the most-used Google apps. Our lives would all suffer if we didn't have quick access to videos of puppies sneezing, but surprisingly few people are aware of YouTube Creator Studio, a service that allows users to manage their YouTube channel from their smartphone.

In an easy to use and well-integrated fashion, YouTube Creator Studio provides a variety of useful information, such as real-time channel views, the number of subscribers and a video list with comments, likes and statistics. You can also reply to comments and manage notifications from within the app.

3. Arts & Culture: satiate your thirst for knowledge

If you are passionate about art, history and the wonders of the world, Google Arts & Culture will take you on a virtual journey of cultural insights. The home screen offers three main tabs – Art, History and Wonders – within which you will find several articles to explore, all rich in photos and information. 

In the side menu, you can find the latest projects, interesting online exhibitions and virtual tours of the most important museums in the world. It's the perfect app to satisfy your curiosity and to keep you up to date with culture.

4. Google Goggles: for the curiously lazy

It's easy to search Google by entering simple keywords, e.g. "What is the name of Brad Pitt's dog?", but when you have an object or product that you don't know how to describe, or you want to know more about something without having to type (laziness is exceeding our common sense), then Google Goggles comes into play.

This little-used app allows you to search Google simply by taking a picture of the object in question.

5. Androidify: create your own android characters

At the more fun but less useful end of the spectrum, Google also has Androidify, a game that allows you to create your own android and share it with friends. Choose how its arms, legs and head look, down to the most eccentric clothing.

Create your robot, give it a name and have fun discovering all the different functions. You can have it play basketball or make it laugh, among other things. It's a fun little time-waster.