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Top 5 Free Music Apps to Download Music in 2016

Thursday, 18 February 2016
Free Music Apps: whenever this phrase come in our mind; it attracts us, but most of us don’t find the right sources to get your favorite music using free music apps on your Android phone.

Therefore, today I am listing top 5 free Music apps to download music on your Android phone. I have listed these apps on the basis of popularity. You may download any of these free apps and start listening your favorite music right on your Android phone.

Top 5 Free Music Apps to Download Music in 2016

So here I am listing all top 5 Free Music apps to download music. Let’s take you straight towards the apps;

1- Spotify Music – [Free Android App]

Spotify is the free app for your Android phone or tablet. It let you to listen your favorite songs or music in it’s vast music directory. You can play any music any time. Moreover, if you want to listen your songs offline then it also allow you to download your track for offline listening.
The awesome thing about this app is that it does not interrupt you with different sort of ads. You can listen your favorite songs without ad’s interruption. So this is one of the best app which you must try.

2 – Pandora – Free Music & Radio [Free iOS App]

Pandora is same as it’s name. It is Pandora of music apps; there are thousands of songs to be played. You may search your favorite song in terms of genre, artist, songs, with other criteria. Moreover, it also allows you to create personalize radio installation.
You need to create your account in Pandora and then you may start listening your favorite music or radio station. And if you already have a account then just login and start enjoying.

3- Free Music Player – MixerBox [Free Android App]

MixerBox is a compliant 3rd-party API client which let you to play your favorite music online for free on your Android phone.  It let you to play music directly from YouTube, SoundCloud, and MP3. It means that you may play videos and mp3 songs.

4- Free Music Player+ [Free iOS App]

It is not music app itself but its a player. It let you to add your playlist and then you can categorize your search and create your own playlist. It also let you to search from your playlist and play your favorite. You can download it for your iOS device and it is completely free.

5- RockMyRun [Free iOS and Android App]

It let you to crraft your music and created awesome music. There are number of famous DJ’s who uses this app to create awesome music beats. So if you are also interested to create and compose your music then this app is for you guys.
There are number of awesome features which can be availed. You must get this app in order to start creating awesome beats and music for yourselves. Be your own DJ.
This was list of best free music apps. I am sure you guys must have found it helpful and this list must have served you. If you have any app which you think is best and not included in this list then mention that app in comment; it might help any of our reader out there.
Was it helpful? If it was then don’t forget to share this article with your other friends and circle too. You may never know that your share may be proven helpful or any of the users out there. So keep sharing and keep helping others.