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Google's new app scan your dusty old photo prints awesome

Friday, 18 November 2016
We all may a huge collection of our childhood pictures, but they might be in a very bad condition, some may also preserve them very safely, but they are of no use now in these days of technology, but they are our memories and we definitely need to preserve them. Then what we do, we consume lots of money just to preserve our memories which are in the form of old photos in our albums.

Until now, we may have come across various applications to scan documents which we used to scan our pictures as well, but here comes an official application from Google photos just to scan photos.
Google PhotoScan is the android app from Google photos which lets you to scan your pictures instantly without any hardships and worries.
It is pretty easy to scan a photo using the Google PhotoScan android app which has been released recently. Now it is great chance for all the android users to scan their photos instantly and save the memories for lifetime. In this digital age, we can even share our old memories with our friends and family over the various social media platforms.
This app has been launched by Google photos with a catchy tagline “Photos from the past, meet scanner from the future”.
So here comes a great opportunity from Google for all the android and iOS users as they can now very easily convert the old photos into digital copies.