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very much useful android shortcuts you should know

Wednesday, 9 November 2016
Android devices have gain a lot of popularity and the increased use of smartphones have made a growth in the use of android devices. Android occupies the maximum share in the smartphone market, it may be because of its user friendly features.
Everyone uses the phone, but using it smartly is what it matters. In this article let us go through some of the most useful shortcuts that might be very much useful to you
  • You can easily check your notification history in your android phone. Just create a shortcut to the notification which will help you to take a look at all the recent notifications. You may have swiped the notification from the notification bar accidentally, don’t worry, you can view them too here.
Enable this by just going to widgets and then click on settings icon and place it on the homescreen and then select the notification log from the various options you have.
  • Enable No on tap under the Google now settings and this will let you to share and find the info related to anything that is present on your current screen.
  • Using the Quick reply app you can directly reply to various messages from any of your contacts in various messaging services like WhatsApp, Messenger, Hangouts.
  • Switching between apps has been made faster in android nougat, but if your phone doesn’t support it or if you don’t want to update, there is an app to help you with that you can switch between apps really quick and the app is last app switcher.
  • Unlock your phone faster, with one of the best android shortcuts which are available for marshmallow or newer devices. Enable trusted face, voice, location or anything and unlock phone quicker than before.
  • Nougat has some of the very cool interesting android gestures, but even if you don’t have nougat you can get those customized gestures with the simple app called all in one gesture which allows you a lot of options for gestures.
Thus these android shortcuts are the most useful shortcuts for anyone and I hope you like them and make use of them.