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New Android Apps To Download Right Now

Friday, 2 December 2016
2016 is drawing to a close with just a month left before people start singing the Auld Lang Syne again. But before December officially arrives, below is a list of the best Android apps for November. Be sure to download them.
This app can now be integrated into any Android device negating the need for a smart car. The Android Auto allows the user to navigate, check and send messages, play music, and a lot more.
Android Auto is free.
The AutoTools app lets the user create in Tasker a lot easier than before. The no-root extension for Tasker can help make badges, toasts, gestures, time calculations, among others. AutoTools even has s flashlight, Chrome Cutom Tabs, and supports data processing.
AutoTools is free to try for 30 days but a one-time payment of $2.99 is necessary after the trial period is up.
 This browser was re-branded as Link Bubble before a new Brave Browser was released. The new app has new security features and a built-in ad-block. It also comes with battery optimizations that allow the app to run as smooth as possible.
This app copies the "chat heads" feature that Facebook Messenger has introduced. The Flychat allows the user to keep messages at reach all the time. This app can be used in other messaging services such as Google Hangouts, Google Messenger, Slack and Twitter Direct Messages.
This new app is similar to Fingerprint Quick Actions utilized by Pixel and Nexus. Fingerprint Gestures allow user to pick from three kinds of actions - single tap, double tap or swipe which the app calls fast tap. The three gestures can be customized to correspond to specific tasks such as opening the power button menu, toggling the notification panel, triggering the navigation keys, and turning the flash light on.