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Android app that helps you to chat without internet

Saturday, 4 February 2017
There are definitely a huge number of messaging applications, but have you ever came across an app that works even after the internet connection fails or even in the absence of the internet connection.

Yeah, there is one such android app available in the Google Play store which works in the absence of internet connection or cellular network. And that is the FireChat app. This app comes to your rescue when you actually would have to send a message to someone but you don’t have an internet connection or cellular network.
Chat without internet using this wonderful application and it is available for both android and iOS devices.
FireChat works using Bluetooth and peer to peer WiFi by building its very own mesh network. The devices must be located within 200 feet from each other and thus the encrypted messages will be transmitted from one device to the other until they reach the recipient.
Now let us go through some features of the FireChat application
  • Send messages and pictures instantly to the devices that are 30 feet away from your device.
  • Send end to end encrypted messages which can only be seen and read by the required recipient.
  • Create Live chat rooms to discuss on various hot topics.
  • It supports multi-hop and store-forward capability that allows the user to forward messages from one device to the other until it reaches the end user or recipient.