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Wednesday, 17 May 2017

All through the day we keep on ranting 'I don't have time for myself' but when we take out time for ourselves, we can't figure out what we should do. And as a result, we start getting bored. But you know what, felling bored is a great excuse to go on all your favourite websites and discover new ones that you find interesting. As we live in the era where internet is saviour of all problems, there are various websites which can entertain you. Plus, you can learn new things from it too. Here is the list of all websites that you should surf when feeling bored.
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Anyone who loves to read in their spare time will love this website. GoodReads will also help you in discovering new books. You can search for book you have recently heard about by entering the title of the book and read the synopsis and can ever check out the reviews and ratings of the book from the readers who have read the book.
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Thought Catalog
If love and relationships are the topics that interest you the most, then you should spend your spare time on this website as it has infinite articles on love and relationship. You will find articles based on the writer's own personal experiences, how they have felt and what they have learnt from it. The great thing is that the content is super relatable for readers.

Your Zen Life

Your Zen Life is a website which is perfect for anyone who loves spirituality, meditation and adapting to the 'Zen' like lifestyle. This website is perfect to visit when you are feeling bored and just want to feel inspired. Australian actress Teresa Palmer runs this websites and has her own series called 'Tez Talks' where she gives advices on how you can live calmfully and mindfully.
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Radiooooo is really a net concept where you can browse music across time and space. Click on an era and a location, and listen to the music that was popular there and then. So, if you click 1950 + United Kingdom, you will get a swing track. But 1930 + Australia digs up a folk song. This website is quite interesting and easy to while away a whole afternoon.

Letters of Note

If you are looking for something different from what is usually written today, then you must visit this website. Letter of Note has famous historical letters - including those from celebrities, poets, writers, politicians, scientists, and more. This website's owner also runs Lists of Note which focuses on lists, and Letterheady, which focuses on beautiful stationary.
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Bored Panda

The name of this website is couldn't be more appropriate. Bored Panda is the place where you can discover interesting and visually appealing content. It's a blog that publishes regular updates on the coolest finds in travel, photography, illustration, animals, DIY, technology, design and all sorts of other amazing categories.

Brain Pickings

Feeling bored doesn't mean you always have to distract yourself by simplest content available on the web. Use your spare time in expanding your knowledge and learning something new. Brain Pickings is the website which has incredible useful and thought-provoking blog posts that will increase your knowledge.


TED is a powerful organization that spreads ideas and knowledge. This non-profit organization hosts conferences around the world where people of all walks of life share their amazing ideas and experiences through short speaking gigs. You can find number of video talks on practically any subject you are interested in.

Incredible Things

If you are interested in discovering really wacky products and inventive ideas, you should give Incredible Things a visit. This is a blog where you can find stuff that will blow you away in all sort of different categories like food, home, fashion, pets and even more obscure one like WTF and NSFW.


YouTube has millions of videos and new ones are being uploaded every second day by people across the globe. From interesting web-series to short movies and from grooming tips to general tips, you can find everything on YouTube. You can learn a lot of new things from the videos uploaded on YouTube and kill you time.
No more boredom from now!