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How to take pictures with a fingerprint scanner on any Android device

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Smartphones these days come with numerous convenient features. While some of these are software-based, others take advantage of the hardware. Take for example, the fingerprint sensor. It makes unlocking your smartphone as easy as a tap of the finger, with no need to key in passwords every time. But unlocking isn't the only thing a fingerprint sensor can do. It can also be used to ease a lot of other tasks, such as taking pictures.

Just like the Google Pixel and Pixel XL come with fingerprint sensor-based gestures, Huawei's EMUI skin layer also adds extra functionality to the fingerprint scanner. Similarly, LG V20's fingerprint sensor also integrates a power button.

Excited to make your smartphone's fingerprint sensor even better? Here's how you can use it to click pictures on any Android smartphone that has one.

Step 1) While some android smartphones' fingerprint sensors support the camera app, others don't. So you have to download an app from Google Play Storecalled 'Dactyl' (It's available for trial usage for a maximum of 10 times after which you have to purchase it)

Step 2) After you've downloaded the app, the main page shows the 'Open Settings Page' option. This allows you to configure accessibility and permission settings.

Step 3) Once you've granted permissions to all the required apps, you'll see all the apps that Dactyl supports. These include nearly all apps that come with in-app camera functionality like WhatsApp and Facebook.

Step 4) Once you've selected all the apps you want to use with the fingerprint sensor to take pictures, open the camera app on your smartphone. You will see a 'Dactyl Service Running' notification just above the shutter button. Now just place your finger on the fingerprint sensor and you'll be able to click pictures.